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There are race tracks throughout the country that offer lapping day track events for novice, intermediate and advanced amateur drivers through professional driving schools and non-profit car clubs. These organizations typically sponsor the events and rent the tracks for the various events. The schools and clubs usually also offer high performance driving instruction. Lapping days are typically non-competitive track events that take place on road courses, paved ovals and other types of actual race tracks. These schools and clubs also sometimes offer time trial events and club races on the same racetracks. Time trials and club racing are not referred to as lapping days, as lapping days are typically non-competitive, non-timed events.

Before entering timed events and race events it is necessary to first enter a school or club event to gain the necessary proficiency in high performance driving. The basic difference between most driving schools and car clubs is that the former offers instruction in their cars, and the latter offers instruction in your car. Instruction usually involves some classroom education, and then driving laps on the race track with a driving instructor both driving, and then riding along in the passenger seat. Until the instructor "signs off" the student, the instructor will always be in the car with the student, or in the case of single-seat race cars, the instructor will lead the student around the track in "lead-follow" formation.

Only qualified drivers are allowed to drive solo after their instructor has graduated them. So lapping day participants are safe drivers. Lapping day track events are always non-competitive events with rules for passing areas and often require a "point-by" passing signal from the car ahead before the overtaking car is allowed to pass. These and other rules keep lapping day events very safe in a controlled high speed environment.

Assume that there is a racetrack near you. If you already have a sports car suitable for the track, check to see if there is a local car club in your area. If you do not have a car of your own, or if there is no local car club chapter, check to see if there is a driving school scheduled for your area. You can also fly across the country to a driving school at a famous race track and spend a few hours or a few days learning how to drive a high performance race car on a real racetrack.

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